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Skunk2 Magnetic Gearbox and Sump Plugs EP3 Type R


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Skunk2 Magnetic Gearbox and Sump Plugs EP3 Type R

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs for Honda, Acura, and Mitsubishi engines and transmissions (may fit other applications), help put the finishing touches onto your vehicle you work so hard to make perform well. More than just a simple accessory, Magnetic Drain Plugs are used throughout various forms of motorsports worldwide and help attract fine metal particles, allowing you to permanently rid them from your engine crankcase and transmission housing. Manufactured of high-quality materials and pre-drilled for safety wire installations, Skunk2 Magnetic Drain Plugs are the ultimate engine safeguard.

These are a fantastic addition especially if running a plate LSD to ensure any swarf doesn’t contaminate synchros, Gears or the LSD itself.


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