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Mfactory Torco RTF MTF Friction Mod for plate LSD


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Torco RTF MTF and Friction modifier for use with plate LSD

Manual Transmission Fluid: Torco MTF is a special light viscosity, low friction oil with superior load carrying and wear protection properties. It is formulated using the highest quality petroleum base stocks and unique additive systems that focus on thermal stability, shear stability and shock load protection. MTF is treated with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam to reduce fluid degradation and increase life of all drive components.
Superior load carrying and wear protection
Improves power throughput
Quicker shifts and smooth operation
Superior level of shock load, extreme pressure and wear protection
Highly recommended for Honda Transmissions

Racing Transmission Fluid: Torco RTF is specifically engineered to reduce fluid drag for increased power efficiency without compromising component durability. It is made from a combination of specially selected 100% synthetic Group IV/V base oils proving superior shear resistance and extreme temperature stability. Torco RTF is specially formulated to exceed the load-carrying and extreme pressure wear protection properties of higher viscosity GL-5 or GL-6 gear oils and provides anti-score protection for high speed, high load and high torque shock-loading conditions, while allowing smooth operation of synchronizers. Highly recommended for achieving maximum power efficiency.

Group IV/V 100% Synthetic Formula
Minimizes Parasitic Drivetrain Losses
Decreases Transmission Temperatures
Superior level of shock load, extreme pressure and wear protection
Used in Road Racing, Formula, Open Wheel (Champ Cars, IRL Cars), Off-Road, Drag Racing and Sports Compact street applications

Type-F Friction Modifier: Torco Limited Slip Additives are formulated for use in limited-slip differentials to reduce gear noise and chatter. The formulation of Torco Limited Slip Additives modify clutch plate friction for applying and releasing clutch plates.

Eliminates gear noise and clutch chatter
Improves clutch engagement


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