Our Services are well known throughout motorsport. We offer hire cars for a variety of championships in both sprint and Endurance Format. We also support many drivers with their own Race Cars, ensuring they remain reliable, quick and competitive. Our staff have a variety of skills meaning we can do in depth Analysis into your driving using Data Acquisition, Setup Changes performed at the circuit and we’re extremely quick at resolving problems with a huge amount of spares taken by us to the circuit in the event of any situation.


Area Motorsport have been helping customers win championships and races since 2011. In the early days before we ran our own built cars and customer cars, we used to work with other teams on big stages and we were heavily involved with Pyro Motorsport in the UK Clio Cup, Clio Euro Cup and Blancpain Endurance Championship. Our staff were at the forefront of helping drivers with their vehicle data and Chassis setup helping them go faster winning 6 Championships in 6 Years. Up until a few years ago our staff were still involved with Speedworks Motorsport in the BTCC and M-Sport until it was no longer possible to do so with ourselves being at over 20+ Race weekends a year with our Hire Cars and Customer Cars.

Now in our 12th Year Area Motorsport have helped over 50 drivers get on track in reliable, fast and competitive cars. We support drivers in a number of series with championship organisers 750MC, BRSCC, BARC and CSCC. Our main involvement over the past 5 years has been within the Club Enduro Championship and Civic Cup, whilst also preparing many race cars for customers in other championships and series.

With our wealth of experience in both Endurance and Sprint Racing you can rest assured that you as a driver and your car will be simply prepared and looked after in the best way.

Our pursuit for perfection has taken drivers from Novices to winning races in highly competitive fields on regular occasions over the years we’ve been supporting Customers with their own race cars and our hire cars.

2014 Civic Cup Champions

2016 Civic Cup Champions

2016 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2017 Creventic Silverstone 24HR 2nd

2017 Dave Allen Trophy Outright Winners

2017 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2018 Civic Cup Champions

2018 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2018 First Ever Team to Win the Birkett 6HR race outright in FWD TCR Cars

2018 Class A Winners Birkett 6HR Race in Civic Cup Cars

2019 Civic Cup 3rd in Championship

2019 Club Enduro 2nd in Class A Championship with most outright Class A and overall Wins (3)

2019 Club Enduro 3rd in Class B Championship


2019 Birkett Relay 3rd Overall in Honda Civics (Finishing only behind 2 radicals after 103 laps and out of 70 Teams)

2020 Club Enduro Overall Champions, Class A Champions, Class B Champions

2020 Civic Cup Champions

2020 Civic Cup vice Champions

2021 Civic Cup Champions

2021 Civic Cup Vice Champions

2021 Club Enduro Overall Champions, Class A Champions, Class B Champions

2021 TCR UK Vice Champions in our first year competing in the Championship.

2022 Club Enduro Overall Champions, Class A Champions, Class B Champions

2022 Civic Cup Champions

2022 Civic Cup Vice Champions 

2022 TCR UK 3rd Place Finish. 

2016 and 2017 saw a new challenge for us, Endurance racing. We decided we wanted to push the boundaries and really see what our products and Team work is capable of so decided to enter Creventic Silverstone 24HR. In 2016 the team performed flawlessly and the target was to finish which we did, however along the way we had many issues with various components and it was certainly a steep learning curve. In 2017 with everything we had learnt we came back for another go, we were confident all our issues from the previous year we’re sorted. That confidence paid off and saw us not only complete the whole race, nearly 2000 Miles with 0 issues, but more so it saw us beat all A3 class cars (2.0 Turbo and 3500CC + Class). Moving forward to 2023 our team have become multiple Club Enduro champions winning all categories over the past 3 years.

Race Weekend Support for your own Vehicle
Race weekend support starts at £550.00 + VAT a day, you simply bring your fuel, sort your consumable parts such as tyres and brakes and we take care of the rest. Over 60 race weekends with 4 + customer cars and hire cars being ran by us at each one in we’ve never had a customer not start a race due to a mechanical issue. We have the fastest and most efficient staff meaning if your gearbox needs replacing between races and even your engine. We’ll always get it done and get you back out there. Not only this but we help our drivers go faster. Alignment Tweaks, Data Acquisition is all performed at circuits and all included in the cost.

Race Car Hire
Area Motorsport have 5 hire cars, 3 Top specification Civic Cup Cars, Seat Leon Cupra TCR Car and a Endurance spec 310 Hp Civic Type R. Our cars are built with no expense spared as you’ll see if you see them in person. Our Hire cars aren’t just thrown together like many out there, they’ve won multiple races.

Race Car Hire Prices:
– Club Enduro from £3000 per round shared drive in a Golf GTI or TCR Car
– Civic Cup from £3100 per round including testing
– TCR UK from £10,000 per round including testing

Club Enduro:
Club Enduro TCR Car Race Day – £3500 + VAT
Club Enduro TCR Car Test Day and Race Day – £4400 + VAT

Club Enduro Endurance Spec Civics (Race Day) – From £2500 + VAT
Club Enduro Endurance Spec Civics (Race Day + Test) – From £3200 + VAT

*Club Enduro races can be split between two drivers halving the costs.

24HR Series Endurance Spec Civic = From £4500 + VAT

*24HR races are usually a 4 driver team