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About US AREA Motorsport Honda Civic EP3 Type R

A little about us at AREA Motorsport.

It’s always nice to know who’s working on your car and what credentials they have along with their achievements. We thought we’d do a little post to let you guys know.

Area Motorsport is now in its 7th year, we’ve strived to not only offer a great service, but also to innovate and bring new products to market which we do on a regular basis. Our workshop is equipped for everything from simple maintenance on your vehicle to vehicle specific Geometry setups and ground up race car builds. We’ve built 24 + Race Cars to date achieving multiple race wins and Championships in Civic Cup and Endurance Racing. We Completed Silverstone 24HR Twice on the second occasion with 0 issues over 2500KM and beating all 11 entered cars in the class above us, We also won the 2015 Birkett 6HR Relay Race in Honda Civics on Handicap the 2018 Birkett Relay Race Overall and 2014 and 2016 and 2018 Civic Cup Champions. We also have built the fastest Honda Civic Type R to lap the Nurburgring with only 227 BHP. Our staff are heavily experienced in Motorsport with top level teams within the BTCC, Blancpain GT at the Highest level and the attention to detail required is always transferred to customer cars both in the workshop and at the race track.

We Strive to ensure we provide the best service available to customers in any situation.

You’ll find that all our products have been tried and tested our selves and if they don’t fit the purpose we quite simply will not and do not sell them. We have two endurance specification cars that have completed Silverstone 24hr for the last 2 years. In 2015 we found alot out in terms of products that can’t go the distance and inherent failures occurred along the way. In 2016 however we built a new car which finished 14th overall and didn’t have a single issue completing nearly 2000 miles, as fast as it can go for 24hr. To put this into perspective the cars directly below us at the finish were a factory built BMW 235i Cup Car, Factory built TCR Seat Leon, Factory Built VW Golf TCR, Factory built FK2 Civic type R and a whole host of other cars that not only were £100,000 plus cars, but even more so were all in classes above us.

Our latest Victories with customers in Area Motorsport Built Cars Include:

2014 Civic Cup Champions

2016 Civic Cup Champions

2016 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2017 Creventic Silverstone 24HR 2nd

2017 Dave Allen Trophy Outright Winners

2017 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2018 Civic Cup Champions

2018 Civic Cup 2nd in Championship

2018 First Ever Team to Win the Birkett 6HR race outright in FWD TCR Cars

2018 Class A Winners Birkett 6HR Race in Civic Cup Cars

2019 Civic Cup 3rd in Championship

2019 Club Enduro 2nd in Class A Championship with most outright Class A and overall Wins (3)

2019 Club Enduro 3rd in Class B Championship

2019 Birkett Relay 3rd Overall in Honda Civics (Finishing only behind 2 radicals after 103 laps and out of 70 Teams)

2020 Club Enduro Overall Champions, Class A Champions, Class B Champions

2020 Civic Cup Champions

2020 Civic Cup vice Champions

2021 Civic Cup Champions

2021 Civic Cup Vice Champions

2021 Club Enduro Overall Champions, Class A Champions, Class B Champions

2021 TCR UK Vice Champions

Click here to view some of the race cars we’ve built.

Want to see some footage? Head over to our YouTube channel.


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