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Caster Top Mounts EP3 Civic Type R DC5 Type R


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Area Motorsport Caster Top Mounts – EP3 DC5 Type R

A new product straight from the race track, Caster Top Mounts giving 7 Degrees of Caster and a large increase in lap times.

We fitted these Top Mounts in the middle of the Civic Cup Season and in turn cars running them ended up winning or finishing 2nd in the last 6 races and all cars running them consistently finished in the Top 8 on a 40 Car Grid.

Increasing caster has many benefits including better mid to exit speeds due to less static camber being required for even tyre temperatures, improved high speed stability, better steering feel and reduced tyre wear.

How the top mounts work is by lowering the top of the strut to a height where it can slide under the shock tower and in turn a large caster gain is made. If running standard configuration shocks you will need to cut a slot in your tower to allow access to damper adjustment, if running inverted coilovers no cutting is required.

The Top mounts come with everything required to fit them and are anodized in Gold / Black with high tensile bolts where required.

Caster is fixed to 7 Degrees with SuperPro Caster Increase Bushes.
Camber is adustable from -1 to -4 Degrees.
You will need to lower your car 20mm from it’s ride height after fitting to end up with the same ride height.

These are exclusive to Area Motorsport and not available for purchase elsewhere.


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