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Verkline Spherical Tubular Roll Correction Front Wishbones Golf MK7 Leon 5F


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Verkline Spherical Tubular Roll Correction Front Wishbones Golf MK7 Cupra 5F

When using the car on circuit the stock wishbones have the tendency to flex within the stock lower arm bushes.

Using same T45 tubing as in WRC cars, Verkline wishbones provide increased stiffness and extra adjustment. All factory parts bolt up to this unit, no other modifications are necessary.

Most of the cars used on track are lowered compared to stock. Lowering the car has the undesirable effect of moving the chassis lower than the balljoint and excessive lowering results in the situation where the wishbone is pointing upwards at the wheel end. This means you need more steering lock when cornering, the car is sluggish to respond and doesn’t feel as alive. These wishbones solve this issue by correcting the roll centre somewhat and ensuring that this inherent issue isn’t a problem when lowering the car.

Product functionalities:
– Adjustment both caster and camber (up to -4.5 degrees)
– no rubber to bend, you will not loose the geometry set when doing aliment
– works with OEM subframe and our tubular subframe
– enables removal of the wishbones with our the need for removal of the subframe

– T45 (BS4T45 to BS4T100) tubing imported from UK and S355 metal sheets
– proven motorsport M18 uniballs (the same type we use in our Lancer EVO X kits)
– plug and play to use with the car inc xenon sensors

What is included:
– two (pair) front wishbones (control arms) with all hardware for install
– set of spacers to reposition the steering rack and front anit-roll bar. Both 20 mm up. See picture bellow.
– four rubber caps for uniball protection

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