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SuperPro Roll Centre Adjuster Ball Joints – Golf MK7 Cupra 5F


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SuperPro Roll Centre Adjuster Ball Joints – Golf MK7 Cupra 5F

A Great item from Superpro with finally a cost effective solution to correct the roll centre when lowering your car. These we would go as far as saying are essential for track use when lowered on Coilovers with a night and day difference in handling. They will fit with both your stock arm and the SuperPro Replacement arms listed too!

SuperPro Roll-Centre Adjusting Ball-Joints allow you to adjust the suspension geometry of a lowered vehicle to correct potential issues caused by lowering it. While lowering a vehicle does have a lot of upsides, lowering some suspension set-ups too much without any tweaking of geometry can actually increase body-roll. These ball-joints correct those issues..

Reduce body-roll
Correct geometry problems on lowered vehicles
Improve stability and grip
Without getting too technical, the roll-centre of a vehicle is the point around which it’s mass rotates. This is a seperate thing from the centre of gravity. Lowering some types of vehicle suspension will generally drop this a lot more than the centre of gravity. The further this is from the centre of gravity, the more a vehicle will roll.

These modified ball joints lower the ball joint pivot point and raises the roll centre back up, moving it closer to the centre of gravity and reducing body roll.

Want to read more about Roll Centre and its effects, WhiteLine have done a great article explaining all here.


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