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MQB Anti Surge / Swirl Pot Fuel Pump Kit Cupra Golf



MQB Anti Surge / Swirl Pot Fuel Pump Kit Cupra Golf

Anti Surge / Swirl pot kit to fit MQB FWD Cars. With our race cars and track cars at some circuits we saw fuel surge and pressure drops at 25 LTRs and above. This is certainly not good for the engine or the lack of pace on circuit due to this. Furthermore at 380 HP we started to see the low pressure pump struggle to keep up with the request from the ECU, even with a brand new genuine LPFP.

This solution is a complete plug and play, allows you to run down to 1 ltr on circuit without fuel surge and the pump flows 3 x more than stock meaning it can support 500 hp +.

The kit also comes with a additional pump that draws fuel from the right hand side of the tank to fill the basket aswell.

New basket capacity is 5 x that of the stock basket and everything runs off the stock controller.

No parts are required from your stock pump, no drilling, modifying of any components required.

What’s included.
– Protec E85 friendly fuel pump
– Fuel Filter and 6.8 Bar Regulator
– Fuel Basket
– Level Sensor
– Top Plate
– Procomp hoses throughout
– All wiring and plugs required

Fitting Video can be viewed here:


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