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Type R Trophy Complete Build – 2020 Championship


Type R Trophy Complete Regulation Parts for the 2020 Type R Trophy Championship

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Type R Trophy Complete Build – Type R Trophy Championship

This Area Motorsport Type R Trophy package includes all regulation parts for the Type R Trophy Championship 2020.

All Regulation parts are included aside from Seat, Harnesses, Wheels and Tyres. Allowing you to either use current items you have or second hand items making your Build Cheaper. You can also find all the parts new if desired listed individually in our Web Shop.

This Package can be delivered straight to your door or fitted by us in our workshop to your base car.

For more information on the Type R Trophy Championship please see the link below:

Type R Trophy Parts Shop – Click Here

You can view an onboard of a Type R Trophy Car on our YouTube Channel:
Type R Trophy Video – Click Here

Trophy cars are 210 HP and based on 2001 – 2006 EP3 Civic Type Rs. With basic Chassis, Gearbox, and Power Modifications these cars pack a real punch out on circuit. The series runs to MSA Regulations and it’s hard to match the cars pace and low maintenance costs for the build price of a Type R Trophy Car. The cars are extremely well suited to championships such as Club Enduro Class C, MSV Trackday Trophy and CSCC Tin Tops meaning you’ll have a ultra competitive car in many different series if you prefer entering more than one formula throughout a race season.


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