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Energy Suspension Mount inserts for EP3 Civic Type R

The two piece supporting insert set is designed to be used in conjunction with the original stock motor mount. The benefit of this design is additional strength and toughness, thanks to the polyurethane support. This solution is easy to install and just as easy to remove and return the mount to stock configuration, if so desired.

Energy’s specially formulated HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane material is used to assure long-lasting performance, unlike many O.E.M. rubber motor mounts.

The set includes:

* 1 – 1075 – Passenger Side of Front Mount
* 1 – 1074 – Driver Side of Front Mount
* 1 – 1089 – Passenger Side of Rear Mount
* 1 – 1088 – Driver Side of Rear Mount
* 1 – Installation Instructions # 17475

Please view the images for a visual explanation.


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