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Exedy OEM Clutch Kit K20 DC5 EP3 FN2 Type R


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Exedy OEM Clutch Kit K20 Honda EP3 / DC5 / FN2

Clutch cover assemblies (pressure plates):
All cover assemblies endure a precise robotic testing process to ensure proper clamp load and clutch lift separation. This step ensures optimal pedal feel for better drivability.
To help guarantee durability, the diaphragm spring (dark fingers in the center) receives special high frequency induction heat treating. This helps prevent the wear that normally occurs at the contact surface of the release bearing. Together, these procedures provide you a like-new pedal feel throughout the life of your clutch.

Clutch Discs:
EXEDY Engineers develop, perfect and manufacture our own friction materials. We produce a material with exceptional friction and wear characteristics that will help engage smoothly, grip as expected and provide you with a longer lasting installation.
Disc Spring Dampers: This is the center section of the clutch disc. EXEDY spring-type disc dampers are patented worldwide to suppress engine and driveline noise by absorbing vibrations.
Vehicle-specific designs let you enjoy your ride without compromise.

The main choice for a replacement clutch and suitable for upto 250BHP without any decrease in longevity.

The Clutch Kit comes with:

Friction Disc
Pressure Plate
Release Bearing


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