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Clockwise Motion Sump Baffle – Sump Insert K20Z FN2


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Clockwise Motion Sump Baffle Insert FN2 Type R

The Clockwise Motion Sump baffle Insert for K20Z FN2 (ONLY WORKS WITH FD2 OIL PUMP KIT LISTED SEPERATELY) is a drop in sump baffle made by clockwise motion that requires no welding. It’s been designed by arguably the best engine builder in Europe and is CNC machined for a perfect fit everytime.

An important modification if your running on track, using track tyres or racing.

The Clockwise sump baffle comes pre assembled ready to drop straight in.

Video Below from IPG Parts in America shows the Sump Baffle Fitted and how it fits.

Fitted Price – £360 with new Oil and Filter.


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