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Area Motorsport DC5 EP3 Type R Track Package – ST2


Area Motorsport DC5 EP3 Type R Track Package Area Motorsport DC5 EP3 Type R Track Package Area Motorsport DC5 EP3 Type R Track Package


Area Motorsport –¬†Civic EP3 / Integra DC5 – Tuned Track Spec Chassis Package

This chassis package consists of our tried, tested and recommended components in kit form. This package is more finally tuned than the entry package giving greater caster adjustment, corrected vehicle roll centre and even more stability with an uprated rear Anti Roll Bar Kit.

This Tuned package is tailored for Customers who want adjustability, stability and a outright performance increase. This is a more finally honed list than the entry package giving you near ultimate feel, predictability and adjustment. The components are still extremely compliant on the road and with the dampers set to a softer setting many have reported the ride better than the crashy OEM suspension whilst still ofcourse being fantastic on track.

– The Coilovers kit is our popular track spec Yellow Speed Coilovers that come preset ready to fit to your car by us.

– Hardrace Steering arms allow for ultimate toe adjustment and are required to ensure your geometry settings can be set to our recommendation.

– Hardrace Rear Camber arms are vital in allowing rear camber adjustment for vehicle alignment purposes.

– Hardrace Front Roll Centre Adjusters

– SuperPro Caster Increase Front Arm Bushes

– Tegiwa 24mm Rear Anti Roll bar Kit

You can view the individual products for further detailed descriptions in our suspension section

This video below is a 8 minute lap of a EP3 with 225 HP, Stock Gear Ratios and this exact chassis kit. As can be seen, the setup inspires confidence and allows the driver to push to the edge with the predictability the car has.


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