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REAR RPB Racing Performance Brake Discs EP3 Type R


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Rear Racing Performance Brake Discs EP3 Rear Type R

A brake rotor’s primary function is to store and release thermal energy that is generated during the braking process. At first glance, two rotors from different manufacturers may appear to be identical, however, quality and performance cannot be determined by simply comparing the outside dimensions or aesthetics of the discs.

Vane design, chemistry, metallurgy, casting methods, and machining all contribute to the function of the disc once it is placed in service.

Racing Performance has the engineering and R&D resources to test rotors for their intended use, on street and track vehicles, and in the laboratory.

Vane design is highly important on brake discs used for trackdays / Racing and RPB have optimised the curvature for the best cooling available.

These particular discs are the regulation discs in Civic Cup and therefore over 2 seasons have been tested not just on our own Civic Cup car but on 30+ others as well all displaying great performance. They have an 8 groove design to ensure brake pads don’t become glazed and have black coated centres to prevent rust and corrosion on road cars.

The perfect choice for both Road and Track use.


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