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Tegiwa Rear Trailing Arm Bush Set EP3 DC5 Civic Type R


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HardRace Rear Trailing Arm Bush Set EP3 Civic Type R

By changing the original soft bushes for uprated items you reduce this movement so reduce geometry change, improve the vehicles response to input, makes the car more predictable and easier to control and ultimately produce a car that is safer to drive faster. Hardrace use an uprated rubber compound rather than polyurethane to minimise noise and vibration transmission. You get the best of both worlds, a car that is still quiet and compliant but that handles better. Alternatively you can choose to replace the rubber bushes altogether in favour of a bearing. These eliminate any lateral movement completely locating the arm solidly in position to only rotate in its designed sweep of motion. Rubber and polyurethane bushes provide significant resistance to arm movement, they want the arm to sit in the position it was fitted in so when the wheel moves upwards through its travel the bush tries to push the arm back down to its resting position. The rose joints and bearings allow free movement of the arm with minimal stiction. This allows the suspension to work more efficiently improving the spring and dampers ability to function as designed and keep the cars tyres in contact with the ground and control body movement.

Uprated Suspension Bushes. Many of the Hardrace joints feature 100% sealed bearing via a moulded rubber section that is integrated into the body of the bearing. This completely protects the bearing internals from the external elements so increases the life of the joint immensely compared to those with no protection or a loose fitting rubber boot.


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