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FN2 Civic Type R DPS Yellow Speed Coilovers – Area Track Spec


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Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers FN2 Civic Type R – Track Version

This kit is our own track version for FN2 Civic Type R.

Featuring 8KG Linear Rear Springs instead of the road version 4KG and 8KG Front Springs.
Top Mounts Swapped for additional caster
Tried and Tested with a great imporvement on circuit over the road version whilst still riding well on the road.

Yellow Speed Racing have been an established company for a number of years sporting fantastic credentials. One of the main points to recognise with yellow speed and a point we welcome is they test there products them selves as have we done. This method is exactly the same as what we ensure we do with all our products before we start selling them, if something is not upto scratch, you simply won’t find it for sale with ourselves.

We back all Yellow Speed Coilovers with a 18 month warranty with like for like replacement if required, giving you the security if any issues were to arise although highly doubtful, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Again cementing the point we try and test products before selling them to our customers, yellow speed coilovers are currently used on our race winning Type R Civic Cup car and all sets are hand stripped and built by ourselves as you can see in the image.

This particular version is our track version. This version is still fine for road use but more focused towards track us giving much more precise feel and road holding.

This suspension system features 33-way dampening force adjustment (compression/ rebound). A wide range of dampening adjustments can be made to provide a variety of responses to different road conditions and to tune the ride feel.

The pillow ball mount with camber plate is included on the front and the rear to offer direct and complete handling response.

The needle valve piston (material imported from Sweden) is utilized to make the steering more agile and to stabilize the vehicle. A high rigidity 52mm shock body with extra oil capacity enables the cushioning force to have optimal linear change. Yellow Speed use highly reputable seal brand – NOK, whose seals can withstand high temperatures and prevent oil leakage. The piston rod is made from high quality S45C steel and is processed with Thermal Refining and High-frequency Induction Hardening Treatments for rigidity and durability. YELLOW SPEED’s commitment is to ensure safety and to provide high quality products, hence the shock stroke movement has been tested 10 million times on advanced testing equipment; this amount of testing is equal to a vehicle with 5-years of mileage. Each component of the suspension system is rigorously inspected and strictly tested by YELLOW SPEED to avoid any failure.

Spring bearing is mounted between the spring and the top cap to make the handling more agile and to eliminate the spring noise caused by car cornering. This design enables the spring and the shock to perform together more effectively. Clean and grease the spring bearing periodically to prevent from rust or corrosion, which can make the spring bearing last longer.

Rust and corrosion is an issue we have in the UK when winter comes and the salt is down on the roads. You can be sae in the knowledge that your coilovers will not seize when subject to these conditions due to the coating and boot covers on all yellow speed applications.

These road coilover cater for all requirements, allowing ride height to be adjusted without a change in spring load means whatever height you decide to go for, ride won’t be compromised.
Rear 20 – 65mm
Front 20 – 85mm

Camber adjustment can be performed by either the elongated hole on the lower shock body or via the top mounts. We recommend you call us for advice on this as either way will work, but one way may be better than another in certain applications.


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