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The right dampers, springs or coilovers for your vehicle can make or break your car for the purpose you intend to use it for. You may look at race cars and think, “I Want exactly what they’ve got” when the likely hood is that you’d want to sell your car straight away if you even attempted to drive down a bumpy B Road on their setup. AST-Logo-SquareSM

This is where our vast experience of suspension setups comes into it’s own allowing us to advise you on a setup which is going to be perfect for your requirements

Things to think about before deciding on your suspension setup:

  • Intended Use
  • Your future modifications
  • Where you do the majority of your driving
  • Cost

Intended Use – Are you going to be using the car on road, track or for racing as spring rates, damper rates all play a huge part in optimising your suspension to your requirements. For example you might want to fit some 50mm lowering springs to your  car so it looks great, however the standard dampers will possibly last a few months before giving up and providing you with a terrible ride.

Your Future Modifications – If you’re tackling your suspension first, it’s always a good place to start as you’ll notice a huge difference over any other car modification you can do. However there’s no point wasting money fitting a spring kit if you’re planning on racing the car in the next few months. We’re always here to try and save you money where we can and thinking about what you’re going to do in future is a good way to do so.


Another consideration to make is that whenever you change anything to do with your suspension on your car an alignment should be performed (See Alignment section), Alignments are expensive, and if you’re planning on fitting bushes, and other chassis modifications, consider having it all done at the same time.

Where you do the majority of your driving – This should really be titled “What can you cope with”. We can create fantastic track car setups with various chassis and suspension products, however driving day to day on pot hole ridden roads won’t be anywhere near as comfortable as a standard car. Now, if you can cope with having to avoid the odd pothole we can provide you with a car that’s fantastic on track and more than bearable on the road if that’s your preference and desire. all done at the same time so you only have to pay for one alignment.


Cost – Everything comes down to cost and we more than understand that not many people have an endless budget. Again that’s where our experience puts us ahead of the rest. We will ensure you get the best possible setup for your budget and will endeavour to ensure that every penny spent will be more than worth while.

If you think about the above and in general what you can afford to go for, you’ll leave us grinning ear to ear with the ideal set-up for your purpose. We’re always more than happy to provide advise over the phone via email or on various forums.

Typical package costs that are available – Example prices for EK/FN2/EP3/DC5 Honda Civic and Integra Type R

Road – Eibach Sportline or Pro Kit Springs 25 – 35mm drop, DME/D2/BWR Camber Arms, Eibach Camber Bolts – Only £295.00
Road/Track – Meister R/Racing Logic/D2/Bilstein Coilovers 25 – 70mm Drop, DME/D2/BWR Camber Arms – From Just £785.00
Race – AST/Racing Logic Coilovers Custom Spring Rates,  DME/D2/BWR Camber Arms, Rack Raiser – From Just £855.00

Fitting on all the above is available at Area Motorsport starting from just £225.00 This price includes Alignment to set your camber, toe and ride height where required.





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Our top level motorsport experience gives us an advantage over many other companies, allowing us to transfer our knowledge to your road, track or race car, meaning we can cater for any job whether it be a ground up race car build, or a simple service.

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