Wheel Alignment to ensure those A to B journeys can become an experience.

Our mission is to provide the driver with complete harmony between themselves and their vehicle. The setups we provide are aimed to inspire confidence and give absolute balance under varying circumstances.


When you first arrive with us we’ll sit down and discuss your current handling characteristics. This allows us to fully understand how the car currently performs and ultimately what you, the driver require from your vehicle. After doing this we will then check the current alignment settings allowing us to tailor your geometry to your requested requirements.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your car will leave us feeling more direct, more stable and more positive in every way.

Unlike many other companies our alignments are race proven, we work within the BTCC, British GT, Blancpain Endurance series, Clio Cup UK, EuroCUP and Civic Cup. Whilst this experience is invaluable our costs remain some of the cheapest around starting at just £99.00 for a full 4 wheel alignment.

Our results speak for themselves, Since setting up Tegiwa Imports Civic Cup they have gone from struggling at the front to bringing home 4 top 3 finishes in a row and our own Civic Cup Car which can be seen in the builds section took Pole Position with 2 race wins on it’s first outing at rockingham.

For all your alignment requirements or if you simply have questions and require some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here’s a very simply breakdown of Toe, Caster and Camber to try and help you understand the importance of a proper accurate alignment setup like what we provide at Area Motorsport.


Toe in causes a condition where each wheel individually attempts to align itself straight forward. As each wheel aligns itself straight, the opposite wheel assumes all of the toe value. As the wheels alternate between straight and toe in positions, the steering linkage and steering wheel oscillate back and forth creating a shimmy. Toe in tends to equalize between the two sides rather than oscillate. As in if you have more toe in on the right then the left, the two will centre each other and the steering wheel will centre slightly to the right, thus equalizing the amount of toe in between the two tires. As far as handling, toe in tends to make that end of the car more stable. As in it wants to keep going in a straight line more. Reason being is the thrust vector (the rolling direction of each tire) is pointed towards the centre of the car, so the two tires fight each others path of motion.

Toe out each wheel will roll in opposite directions and neither can find a straight position. When the two front wheels are pointing in separate directions, the vehicle wanders. The result is a car that seems to require constant steering input to keep travelling straight forward. Toe out will also Equalize between the two tires, much like toe in. However, handling wise toe out will tend to make that end of the car more unstable as the thrust vectors of the tires are pointed away from each other.

The difference in caster from one side to the other, results in a condition where a larger lateral force is created by the side with more positive caster. The side of the car with the larger caster trail or more positive caster pushed the car side with the shorter caster trail. The cone effect is the result of how

A tilted or cambered tire has 2 different rolling diameters similar to a cone. As a cone is rolled, it tries to rotate in a circle around its center. A cambered tire does the same, rolling around the cone formed by the intersection of the road surface and a line extended from the top of the tire. The force of the tire trying to rotate in a circle is the force that causes the tire to pull.

Our Mission

To provide you with a perfect service. We work strongly on the basis that if you buy cheap you buy twice and unfortunately alot of our returning customers have been bitten by this in the past. Our Mission is to ensure that you and your pride and joy receive the service they deserve.

Our top level motorsport experience gives us an advantage over many other companies, allowing us to transfer our knowledge to your road, track or race car, meaning we can cater for any job whether it be a ground up race car build, or a simple service.

About Us

We are committed to providing the best customer service out there. We could feed you a bunch of sales lines to portray us in many different ways but that isn't worth the waste of our time or yours, our reviews speak for themselves. We're enthusiast's through and through, just like you.

Our aim is to provide you with the products and workmanship you require at a competitive price, with honest advice and a quick delivery time. Our work is of the highest standard and our pride and passion for after-market tuning can be seen in everything we do.

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