Mfactory Gearbox Rebuild Kit – K20 EP3 DC5 TYPE R


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Mfactory Gearbox Master Rebuild Kit for Honda Civic Type R EP3 / Integra DC5

Improve shifting response with the MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) Master Rebuild Kit

Recognising the extremely high cost of OEM replacement synchroniser parts, MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) have took it upon themselves to design and develop their own range of high performance OEM replacement parts.

Forged from a higher tensile steel, our Sliders are both stronger and lighter than the OEM equivalent.

For the synchros, we utilize a carbon-carbon lining technology initially developed for the Aerospace Industry which acts as braking material during gear engagement. This allows for quicker and more precise shifting and prolongs the life of your gear set.

After several years of Research & Development on our championship winning race cars, we are proud to offer the most technologically advanced Synchros & Sliders on the market.
Kit Includes:
– MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) High Durability Sliders
– MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) Carbon-Composite Synchros
– MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) Zinc-Plated Synchro Springs
– OEM Mainshaft & Countershaft Bearings + C-Clip
– OEM Oil Seals & Dust Boot

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